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Announcing the cast of PETER PAN! 

 The 2017 Playhouse Troupe production of 
by J. M. Barrie will be directed by Jason Morgan 
and will feature a cast of adults and children. 

Nana/Crocodile/Bill Jukes - Steven Majors
Mrs. Darling/Tinkerbell - Emily Witcher
Mr. Darling/ Great Panther/ Mullins - John McWilliams
Wendy Darling - Piper Doyle
John Darling - Dan Jordan
Michael Darling - Jake Jordan
Peter Pan - Kendrick Golson
Captain Hook - Matthew Klinger
Smee - Marcus Clements
Liza/ Tiger Lily - Percionna Hale
Slightly - Max Zink
Tootles - Valorie Roberts
Nibs- Curtis-Oliver Lane
Curly - Zoe Zink
First Twin - John Jordan
Second Twin - Ansley Roberts
Cecco - Jacob Holmberg
Cookson - David Jordan
Starkey - Matt Jordan
Skylights - Caitlin Garnett
Noodles - Jillian Rabb

NO singing required. This is NOT the musical version or the Disney version of Peter Pan, and there will be no flying. If you've seen our small space, you'll understand! 

Prepare for your audition by reading these sides (sections of the script) available as pdf's here: 
For actors age 6 + 

For actors age 20+ 

  • Performance Dates: July 20 through 30.
  • Rehearsal Dates: June 5th M/T/Thur/Fri 6:30pm to 8:30pm
  • No rehearsal June 20 and July 18.
  • Costume Fittings July 3
  • July 4 and 5 - OFF
  • July 6 and 7 - Costume Fittings
  • July 8 - Focus Lights
  • Nana / Crocodile 
  • Mrs. Darling / Tinkerbelle
  • Mr. Darling / Captain Hook
  • Peter Pan
  • Wendy
  • Michael
  • John
  • Liza / Tiger Lily
  • Slightly 
  • Tootles
  • Nibs
  • Curly
  • First Twin
  • Second Twin
  • Cecco
  • Bill Jukes
  • Cookson
  • Starkey
  • Skylights
  • Noodles
  • Smee
  • Great Big Little Panther / Mullins

Break a leg!

NOT interested in being onstage, but ready to be part of the Playhouse team? We couldn't present a single play without our volunteer crew members who create our costumes, sets, and lighting, or who help with opening night receptions, or who answer phones and sell tickets. 
Let us know what you'd like to try! Some people help daily, some monthly, others one show per year. We respect your schedule and truly appreciate your time. 

Join us as we launch our 6th Season as Montgomery's community theater. Never stop playing! 
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