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Announcing Auditions: 
Cloverdale Playhouse's 2017 production of
Arthur Miller's THE CRUCIBLE
will be held February 26 and 27th at 6:30pm 

Forget the image of THE CRUCIBLE set in the late 1600’s with buckled shoes and big, white collars! The Playhouse’s production, directed by Sarah Adkins, will bring new life to this American classic.

     Inspired by the events of the era of McCarthyism in the 1950’s in America, Arthur Miller explores mass political and cultural hysteria through the avenue of the Salem Witch Trials. The plot focuses on a young farmer, his wife, and a malicious serving-girl who drives their entire town into turmoil. Fear, a literal witch-hunt, and a mob mentality’s search for a scapegoat make for quite a timely story. 

Performances will be April 27 through May 7, 2017. 

Sign In 6:30 to 7pm. Auditions will begin at 7pm. 
Please prepare a monologue no longer than 2 minutes, 
ideally with "elevated language" - anything from Sophocles to Shakespeare to Stoppard. 

Here are some good examples of monologues 
for men by Stoppard and from Faust, 
and for women by Stoppard and from Antigone
You may use one of these, or something similar.

Headshots and resumes encouraged, but not required. 

***Special Casting Note -- All character ages are approximations and all roles will be open to actors of any ethnicity. There are also a few roles traditionally played by male actors that will be open to female actors as well. Bottom line is, if you are thinking The Crucible has no role for you, think again! ***

Character Breakdown: 
Reverend Parris - Male, 40s-50s, open ethnicity 
Betty Parris - Female, early teens, open ethnicity 
Tituba - Female, 30s-40s, open ethnicity 
Abigail Williams - Female, late teens to early twenties, open ethnicity 
Susanna Walcott - Female, late teens to early twenties, open ethnicity 
Mercy Lewis - Female, late teens to early twenties, open ethnicity 
Mary Warren - Female, late teens to early twenties, open ethnicity 
Mrs. Ann Putnam - Female, late 30s-40s, open ethnicity 
Thomas Putnam - Male, 40s-50s, open ethnicity 
John Proctor - Male, 30s-40s, open ethnicity
Elizabeth Proctor - Female, late 20s-30s, open ethnicity
Rebecca Nurse - Female, 60s-80s, open ethnicity
Francis Nurse - Male, 60s-80s, open ethnicity
Giles Cory - Male, 60s-80s, open ethnicity 
Reverend Hale - Male, 30s-40s, open ethnicity 
Deputy Governor Danforth - Open gender, 40s-60s, open ethnicity
Judge Hathorne - Open gender, age, and ethnicity
Marshal Herrick - Open gender, age, and ethnicity
Ezekiel Cheever - Male, open age and ethnicity 
Sarah Good - Female, open age and ethnicity

NOT interested in being onstage, but ready to be part of the Playhouse team? We couldn't present a single play without our volunteer crew members who create our costumes, sets, and lighting, or who help with opening night receptions, or who answer phones and sell tickets. 
Let us know what you'd like to try! Some people help daily, some monthly, others one show per year. We respect your schedule and truly appreciate your time. 

Join us as we launch our 6th Season as Montgomery's community theater. Never stop playing! 
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