Classes and Camps

Classes and Camps

The Playhouse School offers affordable, professionally-taught classes for acting students year-round. Join us to explore the fun, challenging, delightful world of theater. We’ll explore what it means to communicate, share and listen, develop characters, explore the core of the story, and develop the craft of acting in age-appropriate, small class groups with performances for family and friends at the end of each session.

Join us for Spring 2015 Classes for K through 12th grade students!

Classes start the week of September 15 and meet each week through November 14.
  • K- 2 Class meets each Tuesday from 4 to 4:45. $100
  • 3-5th Grade Class meets each Wednesday from 4 to 5pm $115
  • 6th- 8th Grade Class meets each Tuesday from 5 to 6pm $115
  • 9th to 12th Grade Class meets each Wednesday from 5 to 6pm. $125
To register, click here!

For information about Financial Assistance or if you have any questions about class or registration, please call us at (334) 262-1530!

Financial Assistance made possible thanks to the generous support of the Central Alabama Community Foundation and the Support the Arts Licence Tag.
Heading to college soon? Have an audition coming? 
Private audition or vocal coaching is available by appointment. Call 334-262-1530 with any questions about financial assistance*, registration, or private classes.

*thanks to a generous grant from the Central Alabama Community Foundation

Audition Coaching for college theater programs with Greg Thornton by appointment. Please call to inquire.
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