Notes from Fiona Macleod, Director of Dial M for Murder:

Written by English playwright Frederick Knott in 1952, Dial M for Murder is a mystery of murder plots gone agley, blackmail and pocket hopping latchkeys.

Famously turned into a film by Alfred Hitchcock starring Grace Kelly as Margot (wife, victim and adulteress), and Ray Milland asTony (husband, cuckold and conspirator), it packs a thrilling punch, churning with fear, betrayal and tension. Robert Cummings played the lover, who will play ours?

As well as those well remembered  characters,  we are looking for an Inspector Hubbard on the hunt for the truth,  and his trusty sidekick. So be prepared to be riled, spooked, suitably freaked out and entertained.

Probably takes place in London, time period to be decided on. We may need Brit accents except for the lover. So find your favorite British thriller, and please prepare a short piece with an accent. Don’t go Monty Python on us, please.

There will be sides available for chosen scenes.

Questions to Fiona Macleod or Assistant Director,  James Treadaway.


Production dates: October 22 through November 1, 2015.  Please be able to tell us about any scheduling conflicts, vacations, etc, at the time of auditions.

Break a leg!